“Lost” Next Wave Festival Gala, November 30, 2004

Three different atmospheres, which evoked three different moods:

1. Lost under water (cocktail party at BAMs Lepercq Space)

I wanted the guest to feel as if they where under water. The light was blue and the sound was mysterious underwater noise and jazz. In this high space there where groups of lost objects hanging form the ceiling and arches. They where all metallic silver like keys, cans, cds, cutlery, makeup mirrors, hub caps, motorcycle mufflers… and lit with focused spots that reflect in them.

2. Floating through a cloud (dinner in an empty loft space on the 14th floor). 

After coming out of the elevator the guests entered the inside of a cloud. They found themselves in a very bright labyrinth like space created by glowing soft curved walls. 

After the elevator lobby the guest step on a pathway of soft white carpet. 
While entering the space there was fog obstructing the view and far away atmospheric long lost music mixed with wind, wave and birds noise could be heard. In the center of each table there was dry ice and candles.

3. Dancing on top of a cloud (14th floor, 2 Hanson Place):

During the dinner the clouds lifted and the panoramic view of the evening city skyline was reviled to the gala participants. 
After dinner the music got louder and clearer a disco ball got brighter and people started dancing and enjoyed the fantastic view out to the city.

Installation team: Anders Bergman, Carlos Soto, Heindrun Holzfeind, Tristan Bechet, Wolfgang Stille

BAM Next Wave Festival Gala