NYC, May 2010 - May 2011

A 5,400 square foot loft in the NoMad district was partitioned into the offices of Byrd Hoffman Watermill Foundation and Robert Wilson’s personal loft with his archive nested in between. The southfacing space overlooking the street is for the Foundation’s staff of ten and a long table extents the length of the space for interns and visiting researchers. With views of the Empire State Building, Wilson’s loft is on the northern, courtside portion of the floor and houses his ecletic collection of art, artifacts, and design. The archive – a combination of flat files, hanging files, archival boxes, and his extensive repository of video recordings of his stage productions – divides the floor is the conduit between the two distinct programs.

Client: Byrd Hoffman Watermill Foundation and Robert Wilson
Project team: Christian Wassmann, Peter Dumbadze

Byrd Hofman Watermill Foundation / Robert Wilson loft