Competition for the Swiss Pavilion at the Expo 2015,  Milan, September - October 2011

Under Expo 2015’s motto “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life” we propose to show Switzerland as a country that works with an open mind and helpful hands towards a better future for the planet. We believe we can provide a response to the Expo’s theme that highlights Switzerland’s strengths in modern technology.

When approaching the entrance of the site, the seminar building is visible on the central Piazza. A gentle sloping path along curved walls evokes an alpine road as it leads to the zenith of the 12 meter tall structure. It is from here that viewers can see Switzerland for the first time at an Expo in 100 years. On the ground floor, curved walls guide visitors through information about the latest products developed in Swiss scientific research, ultimately leading to a restaurant that offers food grown on the building’s roof.

Our idea began by manipulating the relationship between open palms, which mirrored the positioning of the two intersecting bars of the Swiss Cross. The two hands in this cross formation morphed into large-scale, pre-fabricated wood panels that are placed under tension to create convex and concave elements, which produces a distinct space that can be used for seminars and encourages a dynamic circulation flow.

We envision that the building will have a life beyond the Expo: the wooden panels will be released again and taken to their next location. In essence, our building is temporarily stopping to seduce and inspire the visitor before turning into another structure elsewhere. 

Project Team: Tom Brooksbank, Will Orlando
Curator/Content: Serge Becker
Curator/Text: Roman Elsener

Cross-Pollination - Expo 15