East Village Radio Station, NYC, April -August 2006

Mirrors reflect and refract infinitely, creating a sense of endlessness. The angle from one side wall to the other in the space is 15°. This angle, which is a 1/24th slice of a circle, is placed so as to generate a doughnut-like virtual space. The mirror-clad back wall is tilted at the same 15º angle. It reflects the grand tree on the sidewalk behind the resident DJs and serves as a comfortable backrest for the built-in bench. These angled walls also help the acoustics of the space by preventing echoes. Only glass separates the 2.26 x 2.26-meter (7.41 × 7.41-foot) DJ booth from the street, transforming the sidewalk into a party scene. The rhythm of New York City, music, and the client’s desire for an amazing space guided this project.

Project team: Hua Jack Toh, Moises Royo Marquez 
Contractor: Own team, Stefan Altevogt, Wolfgang Stiller, GlassWerks 

Materials: Tempered glass, peach, silver and two-way mirror, polished brass, rough-steel, cherry wood, plywood, recycled truck tire carpet, black paint, hydraulic and pneumatic transmission jack, computer and DJ equipment.
Client: Frank Prisinzano, East Village Radio

Photography: Photos 2 to 13 and 15 by Taiyo Onorato & Nico Krebs, 16 by Lukas Wassmann

East Village radio can be heard live at the station on 1st Avenue between 1st and 2nd Streets and online at www.eastvillageradio.com

Nominated for the Swiss Art Awards in the category of architecture, exhibited during Art Basel 2007

East Village Radio