"I Want A Little Sugar In My Bowl" Exhibition at Asia Song Society Gallery, NYC, July - August 2008

We created a sparkling DJ booth for the dark basement of the gallery on Canal Street.  Two parallel stainless steel mirrors 46"square are suspended from the ceiling and connected by a series of straight stainless steel cables. The arrangement of these cables forms distorted cage-like walls, which twinkle when caught in the light for the dancers encircling the booth. The light bounces between the mirrors making the almost cubic structure glow from within. The mirrored planes create an infinity effect when looking into them, displaying a seemingly never-ending space.

Project team: Johanna Hakansdotter, Tash Wong
Materials: Stainless steel mirror and cables, light

Curated by Anat Ebgi, Terence Koh, Jenny Schlenzka

Endless Sparkler DJ Booth