Invited competition for Creative Time and Art Basel Miami Beach, April 2010

A simple twist turns a flat ring into a triumphant wave on the Beach of Miami. This non-Euclidian form acts as a strong visual attractor, and its different zones offer ideal places designed to meet the functions of the curated program.

In our arena, the guests will be placed in the center, while the performances, projections, and discussions take place on the wave encircling them. Food and drinks will be served underneath the wave. Comfortable chairs, stools, benches and the curvy structure itself invite the visitors to sit down with friends, people-watch and gaze at the ocean. Throughout the evening this contemporary amphitheater transforms into a dance party with DJs and occasional live acts. If rain approaches the coast, the party can continue under the covered area where the wave curls up to form a tube.

The Endless Wave will be lit from below making the food and drink “hall” brighter then the area under the open sky. Since there is no natural moonlight during the five nights of the fair we propose to let a movie balloon float above the southern edge of the site. A classic disco ball will be suspended from the lip of the wave. Colored lights can be buried under a layer of crushed glass sand, to create a beach version of the pulsating “Saturday Night Fever” dance floor.

The continuum of our design is not only formal; it is also part of the physical concept. All the proposed building materials are made out of recycled post-consumer waste or are harvested in sustainable forests. In addition, for social sustainability, we suggest donating all the wood to Haiti, and the smooth Skatelite surface to the Tony Hawk Foundation for skate parks in low-income communities. Because of the twist in the overall form, the flat boards are set under tension, which increases the stability; this is exactly like a piece of paper which gets stronger when it is curved.

Project team: Espem Lunde Nielsen, Will Orlando, various advisors

Endless Wave