Swiss Art Awards 2009

"Excess is More" is a structure based on experiments with Le Corbusier's last roof. Each half of the "brise-soleil" of the Heidi Weber Pavilion is made out of four rhombi connected along the edge, their obtuse-angled corners meeting at one point ("Butterfly"). These interrelated rhombi can never form a flat surface; they always buckle due to the excess material at the connection point. If one adds more of the same panels and connects five rhombi at each acute angle, excess material makes these connections warp as well ("Flower"). Next to every connection of four there is a connection of five, and so on, the structure can grow endlessly. All the elements are identical but the outcome of the construction is unpredictable and surprising. The more connections there are, the more stable and useful the structure becomes. Like in nature when a butterfly lands on a flower something new develops from this point of contact. It is a playful approximation to hyperbolic geometry. When it comes to beauty not "less is more" – "excess is more".

Project team: David Bernstein, Eugene Tsai, Hannah Hunt, Sean Gordon, Somya, Veronika Bjarsch

Materials: Canvas, Homasote (recycled paper), wooden dowels, projection Rhombus panels 43cm edge length, 99º / 81º angles
Photography: Photo 5 by Daniela Wassmann

Excess Is More