threeASFOUR Installation at Arnhem Mode Biennale 2011, Arnhem, Netherlands, May 2011

For the second collaboration with the fashion label threeASFOUR, we designed an installation for the Arnhem Mode Biennale that took place in the large space of a former industrial paint factory. Centered in this repurposed area, we spaced two reflective elliptical platforms five meters apart and connected them together with elastic cords. These cords went through round holes in the platforms that formed Fibonacci Spirals. Among the orchestrated cacophony of cords, a threeASFOUR-designed dress danced effortlessly. Looking up through these holes was similar to seeing star constellations in the night sky. As one walks around the installation, the composition changes dramatically and the 1 cm thick cords spaced at 10 cm intervals, offer the illusion of curved walls. The suspended dress is like a heart and gives the installation a sense of human scale.

Project team: Peter Dumbadze
Installation team: Atelier Olivie and Frank Hulsebosch

Materials: Plywood, piano lacquer, Shockcord, evening dress, lamps
Dress: threeASFOUR (Adi Gil, Ange Donhauser, Gabi Asfour)

Art Directors/Producers of the Biennale: Flore Vollaard, Joff Ofof, and Twan Meijerink

Fibonacci - Arnhem Mode Biennale