Private Residence, Brooklyn, NYC, March - May 2006

The client requested a fireplace to be designed for a compact, less then 8’ high space on the top floor of a three-story apartment. The design evolved from the standard 4’x 8’ sheet metal dimensions and the desire to create an elegant focal point in the room. Two 1/16” sheets of steel have been squeezed into one corner of the room, shielding off the cubic pre-fabricated fireplace element. The shield is held in place, with a 1” shadow gap, by a fine substructure made out of the excess metal that has been removed from each side of the sheet. Two recessed niches have been incorporated into the design. The niches can hold firewood and decorative objects, or remain empty - enhancing the sculptural elegance of the façade. The radius of the curve happens to be 16’. The angle to the walls is within the ‘golden section’, which leads to an asymmetrical face. The right side of the façade is more dramatically underscored by the curve then the left.

Architect of record: Michael Ashley
Metal work: Jonathan Schipper

Materials: 4’x8’ rusted sheet metal 1/16” cnc-plasma-cut, pre-fabricated fire place element
Client: Natascha and Marcus Theis

Fire Place