Beauty Store and Hair Salon, NYC, January - July 2008

A salvaged wooden door is inserted in an otherwise all-glass facade. Most of the time this door is open and an inlaid mirror reflects a slightly distorted image of the passerby walking from Elizabeth Street to The Bowery. Freestanding round display units invite the customers to meander around in a manner similar to hair curving around curlers. More products and the hair stylist lab are located on long wavy and staggered shelves along the back wall of the store. A room-high mirror creates the illusion of five large windows instead of only three and hides a small office and storage area. A black heart houses a comfortable chaise lounge and the shampoo sink.

Project team: Tash Wong, Pino Pavese

Materials: Wood, brass, marble, mirror, glass, fabric, tiles, neon, glossy household paint 

In collaboration with Serge Becker

Georgia Beauty Salon