Moving stage installation, Italian Academy at Columbia University for PERFORMA09, NYC

GIRLMACHINE is a free theatrical investigation of Futurism's ambiguous vitality and its complex relationship to the modern body, exploring notions of masculine identity and mechanized erotics. A Futurist club is composed of men, women and objects created by a collective of artists across art, theatre, architecture and music. Among various selected Futurist poetry and manifestos, the piece presents an adaptation of Una Parentesi Luminosa, by Marella Caracciolo Chia (Adelphi, Milan, 2008).

To contrast the rich neo-Renaissance-style Teatro, (venturing even to the exteriors of the building) we created an inflated, transforming installation employing mirror film, light and gas. Large, connected tetrahedrons float in space and change their configuration throughout the performance; like additional actors questioning formality and gravity.

Materials: Mirror film, helium, air, 15º Photographer Chairs

Directed by: Carlos Soto/Charles Chemin 

Music by: Tristan Bechet 
Light by: Eugene Tsai 
Assistant Direction by: Elena Gui
Installation Assistants: Hannah Hunt, Manasi Pandey, Sean Gordon, Tien Ling, Zachary Simonson

Produced by: Luisa Gui 
Performed by: Jenn Dees, Clara Galante, Elke Luyten, Alice Stern, Mai Ueda and Joshua Seidner

Photography: Photo 8 by Daniela Wassmann

Awarded with the Fall Residency Program 2009 at the Watermill Center, founded by artist/director Robert Wilson, NYC, Summer – November 2009