Nonprofit exhibition space, Zürich, August  2013 - August 2014

Hacienda's first exhibition space was an old three-room apartment with many windows. We designed a wall system to hang artworks and create interesting spaces, which could be re-configured by the artists and curators for each show. Each room of the gallery received a three-segment wall connected with two large piano hinges allowing for endless possibilities of constellations and shapes. For stability, at least one wall flange of each structure had to be at an 90 degree angle to the other two forming an L in plan. The walls could also be set up to form the shape of the letters, D, J, N, U, V, or as a Z as in Zürich. The proportions and scale of these Z-walls reflect the golden ratio in relationship to each space. In the two exhibition spaces the Z-walls reached from floor to 2cm below the ceiling, and in the office it reached only 70cm tall and served as a base for a large tabletop.

Built by: Lukas Wassmann

Materials: Wood, plywood, paint and hinges

Hacienda - Zürich