Exhibition-in-Progress, Artist Residency, South Street Seaport, NYC, April - May 2008

An undistinguished retail space from the 1980’s was transformed into a white-cube gallery; or more accurately a white-labyrinth space. To form niches and well-proportioned spaces for art and happenings 400 yards of 10’ wide Tyvek, a paper-like vapor-barrier, were stretched from wall corners, to columns, and around shelves. In the central space this horizontal band folded vertically to cover a double-height wall, turning into a suspended ceiling. A few details of the former retail experience remained exposed, such as large mirrors and handrails. The space was eventually inhabited and occupied by art and used for performances. The Tyvek served as a projection screen and as a base for painted murals, it also provoked cutting and slicing.

Project team: Alexandra Sachs, Eugene Tsai, Jonas Schaedler, Markus Wetzel

Materials: Tyvek, Staples

Curated and organized: Future Audience / Liutauras Psibilskis & Luisa Gui; ICE / Masha Berek
Participating artists: Michel Auder, Anton Ginzburg, Vlatka Horvat, Hrafnhildur Arnardottir (Shoplifter), Joachim Koester, Ra di Martino, Jonas Mekas, Haley Mellin, Michael Portnoy, Antonio Rovaldi, Marianne Vitale, Vita Zaman.

HERE was made possible by Swing Space, a program of Lower Manhattan Cultural Council

HERE. Energies and Shadows