Collection Presentation Museum of Art and Design, NYC, February 2011

For the House of Waris 2011 jewelry and scarf collection we created a stage-like area in front of both windows overlooking Central Park and Columbus Circle. This small area was carpeted for the wind blown models to display the scarves. As a backdrop one sees the snowy park and the chaos of Broadway. To really emphasize the models and their surroundings while taking advantage of the architecture, we built an endless space using mirrors. This not only drew the attention to this unique moment but also was seen as a contrast against the softness of the room, while bringing the outside in, blurring the line between what is private and public.

​Project team: Luce de Palchi, Peter Dumbadze, Sean Gordon 
Additional installation team: Ryan Simons, Timothy Voice, William Orlando

Materials: Canvas, water, plywood, carpet, glass mirrors 

House of Waris Presentation