Pavilion under the Highline on 24th Street, (First prize competition BOFFO Building Fashion), Chelsea, NYC, September 2010

This special autumn installation under the Highline exhibited a main pavilion that seemingly floats in a large pool similar to the golden temple in Amritsar, the Indian town the designer and actor Waris Ahluwalia is born. On the outside the building is wrapped in stretched canvas creating sharp horizontal folds while the inside takes a more organic shaped with vertical curves. In and around are custom-made furniture and suspended jewelry vitrines based on platonic solids.

Project team: Luce de Palchi, Peter Dumbadze, Sean Gordon, Suzanne Gehlert
Additional installation team: Davi Weber, Indiana Morales, Ryan Simons, Timothy Voice, William Orlando
Organized and initiated by: Boffo (Faris AlShathir, Gregory Sparks) and Spilios Gianakopoulos

Materials: Canvas, water, plywood, carpet, glass mirrors, lenses, rubber, paint, lights

House of Waris Tearoom