Fashion store and special events space on Lafayette Street, NYC, March 2009

A former screw factory was re-functionalized as an atmospheric fashion store in a very short time and with a tight budget.

All the clothes, shoes and accessories are displayed around and between six round columns running along the center axis of the 4000sft loft space. To evoke a sense of endlessness and lead customers through the space; a strip of mirror foil stretches from the street facade to the back of the store, way above eye-level. Wind and sound waves keep this foil in airy motion, reflecting light creates a lively under-water effect along the walls and projects a marble pattern onto the columns. To illuminate the space and the merchandise black spotlights were clipped to old un-powered, suspended fluorescent light fixtures; they look like crows gazing down.

Sustainability and flexibility were the main aims for the furniture and other elements. The standing waves of corrugated cardboard serve as the only vertical support of the modular display units / stage elements and the sales counter. The structures of the four spiral dressing rooms are cut out of three sheets of plywood and are covered by ribbons of canvas.

Project team: Jan Hofer, Markus Wetzel

Materials: Corrugated cardboard carton, Mylar, painter canvas, plywood, mirrors, hooks, black spotlights