Costa Mesa, CA, October 2016

Las Vegas, NV, November 2016

Designing an exhibition for renown pearl jeweler Mikimoto generated an investigation of timeless geometries that could capture the essence of the pearl. Our search brought us to the Möbius ribbon, a perfect partner for the beauty of Mikimoto’s designs – a marriage of two complementary yet equally ineffable symbols. Visitors are drawn into the Möbius’s interior by a gentle arc that spans overhead, and are enveloped by an assembly of images curated by publishing group Assouline. A miniature reading room is illuminated by our studio’s Dodecahedron Chandelier, which hangs directly above a hard copy of Assouline and Mikimoto’s collaborative monograph The Pearl Necklace. Items from Mikimoto’s heritage archives are displayed on metal pedestals and feature items such as vintage pearl cultivation tools and Marilyn Monroe’s very own Mikimoto Pearl Strand. Text, images and photographs endlessly loop into one another, blurring the distinction between beginning and end – an experience fit for a jewel that has continued to defy the tests of time and change.

Project team: Joana Bem-Haja, Cliff Champion
Fabricator: Jan Kremen LLC

Engineers: Hauke Jungjohann and Walter Woodington (Thornton Tomasetti)
Dodecahedron chandeliers and optical instruments: Studio Christian Wassmann
Dürer Polyhedron lamp: Studio Christian Wassmann
Client: Mikimoto


Möbius Ribbon