threeASFOUR exhibition at the Jewish Museum, NYC, March 2013 – February 2014

A mutual interest in geometry and ancient patterns guided our third collaboration with the fashion trio threeASFOUR, which was presented at the Jewish Museum. For the exhibition we designed a pavilion in the shape of a Star Tetrahedron. Upon entering the dark exhibition space visitors encountered a large seemingly floating object hovering over the ground. We created this illusion by constructing a half of a Star Tetrahedron structure and placing it on top of a mirrored floor, which was in the shape of a cloud. Aside from visually completing this symmetrical form, the mirrors also presented new and interesting perspectives of the hanging dresses from threeASFOUR’s Spring 2014 clothing collection. Dynamic projections of pulsating platonic solids illuminated across the Star Tetrahedron, which was oriented 29º against the orthogonal museum space in order to face true North. Visitors were encouraged to walk around the pavilion and enter it from the backside. The inside surfaces were clad with mirror tiles arranged in a ‘flower of life’ pattern to evoke feelings of infinity. One of the star’s spikes points true West and intersects with the window of the building offering a kaleidoscopic view of Central Park and a spectacular sunsets, especially around the Fall Solstice. During the course of the five-month exhibition the interior served as a space for meditation, talks, performances and photography.

The clothing line and its environment are inspired by sacred geometry and tile patterns found in synagogues, churches, and mosques around the world. In a convex mirror on the gallery ceiling one can see the Star Tetrahedron as a six-pointed Star of David, in plan our pavilion forms a cross and the mirrors tile arrangements stem from mostly Islamic patterns.

We  are looking to find a long-term location for the Star Tetrahedron, ideally this would be somewhere in nature.

The ‘flower of life’ mirrors are now permanently installed in the skylights of the home of Björk, where they illuminate the Asymmetrical Hairdo installation by Shoplifter

Project team: Kristin Akin-Zimmerman, Joana Bem-Haja, Zach Cohen, Emil Froege, Madeline Hollander, Brent Solomon

General contractor: JWBuilt, Smidgens INC

Materials: Plexiglass mirror, black carpet, plywood, white batting fabric, Mylar, LED lights and video projections

Fashion: threeASFOUR (Adi Gil, Ange Donhauser, Gabi Asfour) 

3D-printed textiles: Bradley Rothenberg

3D animations: Alex Czetwertynski
Music: Raz Mesinai

Exhibition coordintation:  Rebecca Shaykin, Leon Levy Assistant Curator

Photography: Photo 1, 2, 3, 4 David Heald/Jewish Museum, photo 5 by Elizabeth Lippman/Vogue

Presented by the Jewish Museum and Art Production Fund

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