Chelsea NYC, May - October 12

In the last thirteen years Murray Guy has grown from a small gallery to a leading place for viewing contemporary art. Located on the second floor of two adjacent buildings on 17th Street in Chelsea, where they have taken over more and more space. We started with reorganizing the entire layout, connecting the two buildings in a more efficient way and including a more welcoming entrance for guests. Old partition walls and a storage room got removed in order to have a big open loft space, which can be used by the artists and curators in the most desired way. The office moved from the street side to the day-lit back, where there is also a small private space for a more intimate viewing experience. 

Instead of demolishing, our contractor was asked to peal off layers until we found something interesting. Not fake-old but urban archeology was our goal. We transformed a large old door on hinges that many people associate with the gallery into a sliding door; another door with art-deco hardware made by the landlord decades ago is used in a new opening connecting the two buildings. Under steel planks we discovered an oak floor, which we patched up where necessary. After climbing one flight of stairs the visitors arrive in an informal reception area with a solid oak shelf presenting information about the show and a bench in the same material and dimensions, which invites the visitors to sit down and view into the gallery through a prominent arch in the brick wall. A Glo-Ball lamp by the British designer Jasper Morrison illuminates this area. In the gallery fluorescent tubes run along the newly revealed joist and daylight floods through new windows - some formerly hidden openings.

Project team: Emil Froge, Gunhild Buskov Romme, Madeline Hollander, Peter Dumbadze

Engineer: Ivan Luk PE, Ivan David Engineers & Associates, LLP
General contractor: BBM Development Inc. Bill Maniatis

Materials: Oak wood, drywall, lamps, steel, glass, paint
Clients: Janice Guy, Margaret Murray, Jacob King

Photography: Photos (2,3,4,7,8) by Fabiana Viso

Murray Guy Gallery