New Art Storage and New Archive Building for the Noguchi Museum

Long Island City, Oct 16- Jan 17

(Invited Competition)

Famously referred to as “the artist between East and West,” the late Isamu Noguchi provided the biographical inspiration for this museum storage and archive building. The new structure twins his original studio in Queens by mirroring its exact volumetric proportions and scale across the site. To ensure the building’s resiliency in the face of likely flooding from global warming, the new storage facility is raised three feet on top of a cast-in-place concrete platform – expressing the recognition of our rapidly changing planet.

The archives for Noguchi’s notes, drawings, and photographs as well as his library are stacked on top of the art storage building. This upper volume has been rotated 25º, skewing it from the city grid, yet perfectly aligning it with the cardinal directions. On a cloudy day or at night, this upper pavilion glows from within, not unlike the warm light of one of the artist’s Akari Light Sculptures. The building, with a floor area of 3,600 square feet, also serves as a workspace for staff of the museum and visiting scholars. The outside area between the original studio and its twin museum storage and archive facility provides programmable space for the community and room for the shipment of larger artworks. We imagine the “Noguchi Yard” as a place for relaxation, lectures, movie screenings, and live performances..

Project team: Christian Wassmann, Joana Bem-Haja, Cliff Champion, Fauzia Evanindya, Widya Ramadhani
Structural Engineering: Guy Nordenson and Associates, Guy Nordenson, Lucile Walgenwitz
Mechanical Engineering: AltieriSeborWieber LLC
Zoning Consultant / Expediting: A.E.C. Consulting & Expediting, Inc.
Zoning Lawyer: Sahn Ward Coschignano, PLLC
Construction Cost Planing: Stuart-Lynn Company

Noguchi East West