Asia Art Archive Annual Open Platform Booth at Art Basel Hong Kong, China
November 2014 - March 2015 (Competition First Prize)

In collaboration with the Creative Director and Design Consultant Francesca Grassi

The Asia Art Archive booth serves as an amphitheater to host lectures, conversations, and performances during Art Basel Hong Kong. To create simultaneous feelings of intimacy (inside the booth) and density (outside of it), the structure starts right at the property line, using the corridor of the art fair and the two walls on each side as its footprint. The O-Structure comprises five ring-shaped bleachers rising up to two meters above the ground. The innermost ring intersects with the property line the way a round Chinese door intersects with a floor, leaving a comfortable gap through which to access the installation. This lowest ring seats up to ten participants or speakers, while the upper rings hold about thirty audience members.

Since the O-Structure is open on all sides, fairgoers can observe the action inside the booth from the area around it. The support structure of the architectural installation doubles as a display space, providing large shelves for books and for exhibiting parts of the archive. The space is illuminated by a Dodecahedron chandelier with twelve lenses, one of them red. This lamp serves as a light source, as a beacon for the booth, and as an optical instrument that inverts all images seen through the lamp so they appear upside-down.

Graphic identity, design of signage and printed matter: Francesca Grassi

Local Architect: Sky Yutaka Ltd., HK
Fabricator: AMC


About the Program
Asia Art Archive’s annual Open Platform program, held in association with Art Basel in Hong Kong, is an integral part of AAA’s endeavor to enable new thinking and critical dialogue around recent art in Asia. Cultural practitioners from all disciplines, selected from proposals through an open call for submissions, participate in a series of ‘meetings without walls’ hosted at our booth. By leveraging AAA’s network, Open Platform supports researchers, curators, writers, artists, students, academics, and art organizations to further ongoing projects, catalyze new ones, or simply make connections.

13–17 March 2015 Booth P1, Art Basel Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
Presented by Asia Art Archive 
Supported by Elaine & Anto Marden, Wendy Lee & Stephen Li, Lavina & William Lim 
Venue Partner: Art Basel in Hong Kong 
Special Thanks to Walk in Hong Kong

O-Structure Art Basel HK