Exhibited at LICHTFELD 8, Basel, with a publication by Christian Merian Verlag, September 2008

Hubert Kretzschmar's and Peter Corriston's stunning 1978 album cover for The Rolling Stones was the point of departure for this bar. To order a drink from the barkeeper you have to put your head in a hole previously occupied by some Hollywood starlet. You see your face surrounded by a die-cut wig in two mirrors installed in the corner. These large mirrors also quadruple the five guests and give the illusion of a full circular bar, instead of just the 90º segment as it appears from afar.

The size of this installation varies, depending on the space and needs. The bar can be built for one lonely drinker who would have three virtual friends or for a large crowd.

Project team: Tash Wong

Materials: Plywood, mirror, paint, silkscreen prints 

In collaboration with Hubert Kretzschmar

Some Girls Bar