University of Applied Art, Vienna, Studio of Wolf D. Prix, Spring Semester 1999

Reflections, as a source of knowledge, interest me. Recalling spaces that had left a mark upon my consciousness, I selected eighty photographs from journeys that had been taken over the previous five years. Each photograph depicted some type of reflection. I mounted each onto a world map onto the place in which it was originally taken. Then I marked the emotional association of each image – happiness, desire, etc. The result was a constellation of connections.

At the outset of the project, the supportive scaffolding of the model served as a base and a structural frame. Over time the structural frame should be substituted by the content of the building. The building should reflect society and serve society’s needs. On the lowest level there is a franchise ghetto and in the middle there is the work zone. The 65 by 200 meter roof is a public recreation park. 
The different forms of my diagrammatic model reflect various phenomena of my travel photographs.

Spaces of Knowledge