Creative Production Studio, Chelsea NYC, March - September 2012

We were asked to design the office space for Stinkdigital and create a work environment that promotes interactivity and collaboration within the teams and improves the overall flow of movement in the space. We proposed a space that presents a new typology of office work; introducing curved-walls to form three pods allowing team member to swivel around in their chairs and see what their co-workers are designing on their monitors. This novel configuration directly contrasts to the more traditional office environments that isolate and block each worker behind their monitor or in their cubicle. The inside of the curved wall is lined with 1/2" wool felt, which is used as a pin-board over the workstations and also to muffle the noise. The outside surface of the curve functions as a blackboard for ideas. 

The conference area is delineated by a carpet and presents a curved conference table, shaped to resemble the work-pods, and is surrounded by Eames Chairs. Each of the window frames facing 21st street is painted with Stinkdigital’s corporate colors, and the west-facing window is lined with mirrors to catch and reflect the sunset. The lamps are constructed using two panels of bent plywood held under tension by bicycle cables. The kitchenette area is comprised of small tables placed along an L-shaped bench and a Carrara marble countertop. 

Project team: Gunhild Buskov Romme, Peter Dumbadze, Adrian Madlener, Madeline Hollander

Contractor: Joshua Boatman, JW Built
Desk-pods and lamps: Stephen Crawford
CNC routed tables and kitchen bench: Bill Watters, Soft Sails Consulting LLC