Studio Christian Wassmann is a design practice with a passion for realizing idealistic architectural projects that allow users to understand their surroundings in new and different ways. Our designs present discoveries originating from the interconnections of the arts, a love for geometry, and an awareness of the cosmos.

Our team of designers works on a wide spectrum of projects ranging from temporary installations
to permanent structures, furniture design to interiors, and performance venues to freestanding buildings. We believe that all of these disciplines are interrelated and inform each other; approaching each project with equal levels of attention, passion, and intensity achieves an aesthetic and functional success that defines the Studio. We
are interested in architecture in its broadest scope, welcoming small interventions to large urban projects.

For us, architecture is more physical and emotional than can be conveyed using only graphic renderings. For every project, we build a series of analog study models at various scales. It allows us to make tactile and aesthetic design decisions. We select our materials with a sense of responsibility, efficiency, and durability, and we push them to their physical limits with the aim of reaching/distilling their essential beauty. All of our designs are developed in dialogue with the client and built by skilled craftspeople best suited for the task.

Our favorite projects are the ones that engage the public and show resourcefulness; we also hope that they have a positive social impact and provide new perspectives for engaging with our surroundings – locally, globally, and universally. We like to create places that generate critical thought about what constitutes our environment. Our architecture aims to connect individuals to one another, to themselves, and to the cosmos.
In 2010 Christian Wassmann received the Swiss Art Award in the architecture category, and in 2012 the Studio won the AIA New York New Practice Award. Our design objects are represented by R&Company and Frederieke Taylor Gallery in New York City.

Principal: Christian Wassmann  CV
Project Manager/Designer: Joana Bem-Haja
Designers: Cliff Champion and Lauren Tucker

Former Studio Members: Kristin Akin-Zimmerman, Helene Nishijo Andersen, Andras Balla, Thomas Barger, Sofia Pia Belenky, Jenny Brawand, Tom Brooksbank, Alessandra Calaguire, Margaret Liu Clinton, Zach Cohen, Ryan Day, Peter Dumbadze, Fauzia Evanindya, Emil Froege, Suzanne Gehlert, Daniel Greenfield, Sean Gordon, Martina Guler, Johanna Hakans­dotter, Madeline Hollander, Hannah Hunt, Shuaibu Kentchi, Louise Kronander, Luis Madeira, Adrian Madlener, Luis Marques, Moises Royo Marquez, Espen Lunde Nielsen, Will Orlando, Luce de Palchi, Pino Pavese, Jorge Rivera, Francisco Rocha, Gunhild Buskov Romme, Gianfranco Rosetti, Jonas Schaedler, Somya Singh, Brent Solomon, Hua Jack Toh, and Tash Wong