PETE'S MOTORS exhibition in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, June – August 2009 

This site-specific installation is a refreshing triumph of life and a celebration of the elements. The shooting water evokes the history of the role that hydro-electrical power plays in the valley. The installation also plays with the typology of the generic architecture of the two symmetrical buildings. During the day, the straight lines of water intersect above a hidden garden at a 90° angle. They create an artificial cloud, which waters the wild flowers and the grass. At sunset, with the light coming from behind the visitor, a rainbow emerges. The installation acted as a strong sign for the exhibition, it could be seen from afar, and by changing one’s position the rainbow appears in unexpected places. TESTOSPEROM’ takes the site of a car dealership that closed in light of the 2008 economic downturn and reinvents the space as a forum for public discourse concerning art.

Project team: Sean Gordon

Materials: Water, hoses, power washers, timers 

Curator: Philip "Pip" Deely & Kalika Farmer
Producer: Cathy Deely