Independent 2013, former Dia Building, Chelsea NYC, March 7 – 10, 2013

On the roof of the former Dia Building we constructed a temporary pavilion that, like the layout of the floors below, follows our architectural concept for Independent 2013 which is based on the number 3. The Tetravilion is suspended from the three highest points of the building: the water tower, the freight elevator and the passenger elevator shaft. We attached three ropes to each of these three points and then connected the bottom ends to wooden tetrahedron structures (a four sided polyhedron, basically a three-sided pyramid) arranged across the roof deck. These tetrahedrons triple-function as seating for the cafe, display shelves for the three publishers, and anchors for the tent. A transparent membrane spanned across the ropes to protect the guests from winter weather without obscuring the fantastic views of Manhattan, the Hudson River, New Jersey and the sky.

Project team: Joana Bem-Haja, Zach Cohen, Emil Froge, Madeline Hollander 
Construction team: Sofia Pia Belenky, Joana Bem-Haja, Zach Cohen, Emil Froge, Jason Gates, Madeline Hollander, Feyza Koksal, Jan Kremen, Michael Montante, Ricardo Seiça 
Engineers: Knippers Helbig Inc., Hauke Jungjohann, Tom Reiner, Guillaume Evain
Architect of record: Joseph Pell Lombardi
Materials: Clear vinyl, rope, plywood, sandbags

Photography: Photos 1,5,6,7,8,9,10 and 11 by Jason Schmidt

Tetravillion - Independent 2013