Vitra USA Flagship Store New York, Christmas 2006 and Vitra USA Flagship Store New York, Winter 2007

Large mirrors are positioned in the entry zone of the Vitra flagship store to create new vistas into the main exhibition located in the lower-level loft space, while simultaneously reflecting outwards onto 9th Avenue. Four Ruckstuhl carpet islands suggest four distinct living areas: Dining Room, Living Room, Home Office and Children's Corner.  Each is furnished with Vitra Home Collection furniture. The backdrop, a hand-drawn world map, stretches across the back wall and illustrates the 39 international time zones. A different George Nelson clock demarcates each time zone; each clock has been set to the local time in its corresponding zone. The general theme of the exhibition is emphasized by the soft glow of amber Christmas tree lights behind the semi translucent main wall on the ground floor. There are also a series of abstracted Christmas trees, constructed with Vitra products such as "Elephant Stools" or "Algues". Tibor Kalman's book, "Chairman Rolf Fehlbaum," has been unbound and tiled across the wall that spans the two levels. This dynamic patchwork of images tells us about the company's rich history.

The second exhibition for Vitra NY celebrated the launch of the Panton Junior chair. Several elements from the Christmas exhibition remained such as the large mirrors with the unbound Chairman book and the world map with George Nelson clocks. Other elements were added to evoke the atmosphere of Verner Panton and his time. The lights behind the translucent main wall and in the display window were illuminated by strong primary colors. In the main window, a variety of white Panton chairs, three sizes and two different materials, reflect these colored lights. The adjacent glowing wall pronounced the beautiful silhouettes of the arrangement of Vitra chairs and stools. Stacked boxes of the Junior chair connected the three floors of the store visually and added to the desired playfulness of the exhibition.

Project team: Markus Wetzel

Photography: Photos from the second exhibition by Taiyo Onorato & Nico Krebs

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