Former Dia Building, Chelsea NYC, March 7 – 10, 2013

The architectural concept for Independent 2013, based on the number 3, continued to refine the art fair’s tradition of providing a unique open layout for the exhibition floors that both blurs boundaries between the galleries and enhances the art viewing experience. To ensure smooth circulation throughout the spaces, open up interesting vistas and perspectives, and take full advantage of the natural light, all wall lengths were minimized. To preserve art-hanging space, the new wall installations comprised a series of “Y” configurations, positioned to hide all of the structural columns throughout the rectangular space of the former Dia Building.

Each Y Wall consists of three walls meeting at a 120° angle. Unlike the traditional 90° corner, this obtuse angle created a sense of expansiveness and dynamism for both the artworks and the visitors. All three sides of the Y Wall offer a defined yet open space that can be compared to an open book, a gesture expressed in an architectural dimension.

Project team: Joana Bem-Haja, Zach Cohen, Emil Froge, Madeline Hollander
Architec of record: Joseph Pell Lombardi
General contractor: Bill Maniatis, BBM Development, Inc.

Y Walls - Independent 2013